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Last week, the first Scandinavian derby with the participation of the Danish Norshelans and the Swedish AIC, the guests throughout the match had an overwhelming advantage over their rival in possession of the ball. But, as often happens in modern football, already in the opening of the match, a stronger team missed a random ball, and then three quarters of playing time was in the role of catching up.


Alas! This time Richard Norling's team failed to score even the return ball. As a result, this Scandinavian derby and ended with a minimal advantage of the Danes (1: 0). However, the experienced Swedish coach was absolutely calm, as the return meeting with Norshelannon in the "Friend Arena" is ahead.

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And then, in the past weekend in Sweden itself, an event that significantly improved the mood of the fans of the capital's club. After all, the main competitor of black and yellow Norrkoping lost at the Swedbank Arena Malmö (2: 1), and therefore for some time went into the shadow of AIC.



After a very incomprehensible start in the new national Super League, finally, on the third attempt, the team of Casper Yulmann pleased with their fans. Recall, in two of the first rounds Norchelland managed to earn only two points, playing a draw with Esbjerg (1: 1) and Aarhus (1: 1).


But in the third round in his arena, the champion of Denmark 2012 defeated the leader of the championship race Vensyusel (3: 0) by the start of the match. Undoubtedly, the name of this team is almost unknown to a wide range of football fans and players of bookmakers. After all, two months ago, Ventsyussel played in the lowest division. And now, at the start of the new Super League championship, after two straight victories over Odense (3-2) and Esbjerg (3-2), the daring debutant became the leader of the championship race. But, as we have already noted, in the last, third round, Norchelland did not leave any chance for the former leader.



Naturally, right now you can not doubt that the team of Richard Norling will play three-quarters of the playing time in the attack. And so it is not by chance that the "Friends of the Arena" owners are named as the bright favorite of the upcoming meeting: P1 - 1.65, P2 - 5.00.



In this match AIK needs victory only with a difference of two goals. After all, for example, when you score - 1: 0, the game will go into overtime. But with the score - 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 3 and so on, due to more guest balls, the next qualifying round will be the Danish club. But, nevertheless, a possible victoria of black and yellow is the most real outcome of the upcoming battle.

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Our forecast is AIC victory (P1) for 1.65.


August 2 at 21:45 in Burnley, the same club at the stadium "Terf Moore" will take Scottish Aberdeen in the second leg of the qualification of the League of Europe. The first match in Scotland ended in peace 1: 1.

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Burnley on the results of the last season made a sport feat, having not the biggest budget in the Premier League, making his way to the European Cups after spending a stable season, only in the end having allowed himself to relax a little. In summer, the British held 5 sparring, winning the first 4 with a total score of 11-4. Then there was a match in Scotland 1: 1, and after him a draw in the control match with Montpellier 0: 0. In his native walls in 2018 Burnley had 9 fights, having won twice, having drawn three times and lost 4 matches.


Aberdeen strongly played at the finish of last season, issuing a series of 5 matches without defeats, eventually taking second place in the championship of Scotland. In the summer, the team has never lost in sparring, in 6 games, having won 4 wins and twice drawing in a draw. In the European Cup started with a draw 1: 1 with the British. To be frank, the guests were not lucky with the draw. Aberdeen in 10 games in a foreign field in 2018, won 4 times, twice more tied and lost 4 games.


Burnley at this stage of the tournament looks like one of the strongest teams, so at home from the English I only wait for the victoria. Bet: Burnley's victory with a handicap is F1 (-1).

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Forecast: F1 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.6


The first match between these teams ended with a score of 1: 1. Now Aberdeen has to think about how to crack the strong defense of the opponent. After all, otherwise, he will stop performing in European competition.


Bordeaux for the first time in their history fell into the qualification of the League of Europe. For sure, Daich's wards want to use this chance to the maximum. But in this case, you have to sacrifice the championship, where Burnley can again become a fighter for survival. An experienced mentor needs to find the balance that will allow his team to be successful on all fronts.

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But for Aberdeen, European Cups are quite a matter of routine. After all, this team is consistently among the top three teams in Scotland. But getting into the LE group is always difficult for her. And this season there are all chances to again complete the euro-season with nothing.

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Scottish clubs traditionally powerfully play in their walls, and on the road regularly lose. Aberdeen did not manage to keep a minimum victory on Pittodri, and now Burnley is obliged to squeeze him into himself in his homeland and go to the next stage of qualification.


Burnley's victory with a handicap (-1) at 1.53

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