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Brazil "" Pentacampones "the performance on мундиале have begun with a draw 1: 1 from modular Switzerland. The team had the advantage throughout the whole match, but it did not lead to the desired result. In the qualification for the world championship, Tite's wards were the leaders of the South American selection, having managed to bypass the nearest pursuer of Uruguay by 10 points. Of the eighteen games played, Brazil lost only one: 2: 0 to the Chileans. Before the World Championship, the "yellow-green" held six friendly matches, in which they won five wins and one, with the England team, drew 0-0. For more than a year, Brazilians do not know the bitterness of defeat. "Costa Rica" Costa Ricans started at the world championship with a 0: 1 defeat from the Serbs. The only goal was scored in the 56th minute of the meeting. The game was about equal and Latinos could still make a draw, but luck was not on their side. Qualifying cycle team finished in the second position in the CONCACAF zone, where the first place was taken by the Mexicans. In ten games played, there were four wins, four draws and two defeats. Before the World Cup, the Latin American team held seven friendly matches, but the results were not encouraging: two wins and five defeats. Especially it is worth noting the rout of 5: 0 from Spain and 4: 1 from Belgium. Forecast for the match: "Brazil" - "Costa Rica" from experts masters-bet In this opposition, the points are primarily needed by Brazilians, otherwise there may be a question about leaving the group, which is unacceptable for a team of this level. Thus, the forthcoming meeting is expected to win five-time world champions with a difference of not less than two goals.

The Brazilian national team could not beat Switzerland in the first match, having painted a "pale" draw 1: 1 at the "Rostov Arena". The start of the fight was successful for the team Tite successful - the team immediately took advantage, began to get closer to the penalty opponent. Goal Coutinho was not a surprise, Brazil naturally opened the account.
In the second half of the meeting, the Brazilians stopped playing football, believing that the deal was already done. The punishment came immediately - after a corner Steven Zuber scored a goal. Attempts to come out ahead again Brazil took, and was several times close to the goal, but luck clearly was on the side of the Swiss, and Yann Sommer stood at the gate very confidently.
After the match, the Brazilians criticized the referee of the match, which included the disputed, in their opinion, the goal of the national team of Switzerland. Particularly zealous in the comments goalkeeper "Selesao" Alisson, who was furious that the referee did not use the video replay. In any case, the Brazilians themselves have created problems that can be solved, because only the second round is on the threshold.
The perspectives of the "selsao" in the group were analyzed by our experts in a special material.
Our experts made a separate forecast for the match Brazil - Costa Rica, in which they bet on the winner in the match.

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Costa Rica lost to the national team of Serbia in the starting match. Team Oscar Ramirez was pressed to his penalty all first half, but especially dangerous moments the opponent did not allow to create. In the second half of the meeting the drawing of the match did not change - the Serbs continued to foolishly attack, and Costa Rica chaotically defended. Alexander Kolarov's free-kick from the penalty behavior of Costa Ricans changed - the team began to attack more, and in the end of the meeting and did not press the Serbs to their own penalty.
Rumirez wards did not manage to win back in the end, but left their game a good impression. On the eve of the fight, the press of Costa Rica was very happy about the possible injury of Brazil's national team leader Neimar, who continues to experience pain after a healed trauma. How much help Costa Rica possible lack of Neimar, while a mystery, but to achieve the result they need to play more at the gate of others.
Special material on the prospects of the Costa Rica national team on the "mundiale" can be found from this link.

The last time the teams met in a friendly match in 2015, then Brazil won 1: 0
In the last five games between the teams 18 goals have been scored
Brazil in the last fight missed for the first time in the last five games

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Wards Tite in the opening round of the World Cup met with the team of Switzerland. Experts were sure that the "yellow-green" will be able to start the tournament with a victory, but modest Europeans had other thoughts on this matter. "Reds" after the departure from the Euro 2016 played seventeen fights, losing only once. Apparently Neimar and the company did not know about this statistics, which is why they paid.
The early goal of Philippe Coutinho somewhat relaxed the Brazilians. The players combined well in the center of the field, but reaching the opponent's penalty area, often could not come up with a logical end to the attack. The Swiss at the beginning of the second half managed to score a goal and bring the match to a draw. Now, "pentakampone" should be defeated, because the tournament's favorite is in the third position in the group.
Costa Rica

"Red-blue" are an experienced team who came to Russia not to serve a number. On the last mundiale, the guys stopped at the 1/4 finals stage, losing in the penalty shootout to the Netherlands. Now the coaching staff has the task to improve the previous achievements, but considering the situation in which his wards turned out, it will be extremely difficult.
In the opening match the team met with Serbia. The battle was equal, because both participants scored the same number of hits on the opponent's goal. The outcome of the fight was influenced by a class of players, which is slightly higher among the Serbs. The ideal penalty kick in the performance of Alexander Kolarov left out of the goalkeeper of Madrid Real Madrid and brought the team three important points.
Forecast for this match

Brazilians seriously surprised the football community with their sluggish game against Switzerland. The third place in the group is not allowed for the collective of their level, so already in the reporting game they will have to correct their mistakes. Costa Ricans need to win, so as not to stay out of the tournament, but they did not get such a strong opponent on time.

Match two teams from the Western Hemisphere. The match between the two teams that are not yet playing as they are expected from this championship. The main problem of Brazil - to understand what to do with Neimar, who never managed to find himself in the starting game. He was looking for the ball, holding it up often, not in someone else's penalty area, where he should be in position, but in the center of the field, and was subjected to very strict obstruction.
Titus, according to the reports of the Brazilian press, talked with his main star, will try to concentrate it directly on the attack. And, as Costa Rica is familiar to Brazilians and, in my opinion, is more convenient than the other rivals in the group, I expect that they will win, but with difficulty. It seems to me that the right bet is here - both teams will score, secondly, the victory of Brazil, and also - a riding match. If we talk about the account - 2: 1.
In the match between Brazil and Switzerland, in my opinion, it was incorrect from the standpoint of collective actions of himself led by Neymar, who played too much for himself. I think after this meeting there was a serious conversation in the team. And in the match against Costa Ricans the Brazilians are already a real collective, and not just a collection of stars.
I believe that the Costa Ricans will not have problems with the Brazilians. Too great is the difference in the class. But I think that there will not be a rout. In my opinion, Brazilian footballers are hampered by excessive "vypendrezh" on the field.

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 At this World Cup, where the majority of matches ends with a score of 1: 0, and outsiders almost always impose a struggle on the favorites, the rate I propose is probably risky. Nevertheless, my prediction is a sure victory for Brazil. Let Costa Rica in the defense of the gate line up in the notorious line of five defenders, with the overcoming of which the Brazilians already had problems, their class and mood will affect.
After the match with Switzerland, the leader of the "Selesao" Neymar was, of course, criticized in his homeland, so he will play the game with the Costa Ricans not only with a new hairstyle (not as funny as five days ago), but with a new mood for the game. And the whole team, as it seems to me, will not allow themselves to be impressed with the sample of the first game, will immediately turn on the powerful pressure, which demonstrated in the best matches under Tita's direction, and will not weaken the gripe until it redeems the blame for the failure in the first round.
So, Brazil is Costa Rica. Too much has been said


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