Bradford - FILDЕ

Bradford - FILDЕ

This match from the English National League - North is quite interesting because visitors are leaders unbeaten so far and the hosts did not yet have a victory.

Bradford are 3 draws and three losses at home have two draws and one loss goal difference 7: 8.

FILDЕ have 4 wins and two draws in the championship to date with goal difference 19: 9. Away from home they have a hundred percent asset. In their three away wins they have scored 12 goals and conceded 3.

Looking at the statistics of the guests, my prediction should come only with the celebration of goals that they scored per game. I think, however, that the hosts will razpishat, but will not be enough to take something from this match.

In the four matches so far between these teams FILDЕ out a winner. I think now would be like, but with a lot of goals.