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September 19, 2016 at 22:00, in the central match of the 5th round of the Portuguese Primera-league, in the field of the stadium "Estadio da Luz" Benfica will play against Braga.


The last season for Benfica definitely can be called successful. Having played in 34 rounds of Premier League, Benfica scored 88 points with a goal difference of 88:22 and took the first line in the standings, ahead of the nearest pursuer by 2 points. In the new season, Benfica allowed only 1 misfire at the start of the championship, tied with Setubal 1-1, in the remaining matches, Benfica beat Tondela 0-2, Nacional 1: 3 and Arooku 1: 2.

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Despite the fact that Braga showed much weaker level of the game in the last season compared to the leaders of the tournament, the team still did not remain without trophies. Having played in 34 rounds of Primera, the "gunsmiths" scored 58 points with the goal difference 54:35 and took the 4th place in the standings. According to the results of the new season, one can notice Braga's desire to fight for the highest places. So after 3 rounds, in the asset of Braga 10 points and 2 lines in the standings.


The statistics of face-to-face meetings between these teams with total superiority remains on the side of Benfica. The last time Benfica beat Braga in his field with a score of 3: 0. If we consider that Braga only beat Benfica once in his history on their field, I think that the home team will easily achieve victory and will try to approach the leader of the championship as close as possible. Bet on the game: P1.


Forecast: П1 with coefficient 1.63


Munich Bayern Munich on Wednesday will fight with the Lisbon team Benfica in the Portuguese capital at the stadium "da Luz". Bookmakers consider the "reds" to be the obvious favorites of the meeting, which is difficult to argue, given that the German champion entered the season very powerful. Benfica is also slowly gaining in form, but it is difficult to compare the leader of the Portuguese elite league and one of the strongest squads of the world.


In the play-off round of the qualification of the Champions League Benfica was Greek PAOK, which before it knocked out of the draw Moscow Spartak. After the away victory over PAOK, which ended with a score 4: 1 Benfica has achieved two more victories in the Portuguese championship. At first, the "eagles" were stronger than Nacional, and after Rio Ave. In the standings of the League Sagres Benfica on the first line, the asset 10 points, but the same score for two Sporting: from Braga and Lisbon.

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Five wins

Bavaria in the starting season played five matches and won everything. First, the "red" defeated Eintracht in his field with a score of 5: 0, after, in the Cup of Germany, were stronger than the team Drochtersen 1-0, and in the Bundesliga confidently beat Hoffenheim, Stuttgart and Bayer. For the match against Benfica, Bavaria is the Bundesliga's one-man leader, 9 points in the moneybox for the Munich players, two points for the handicap in front of a number of pursuers.

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Benfica plays very well at home, but it is unlikely that the vice-champion of Portugal is able even in his native walls to fight the strongest team in Germany. In this pair, the bet on the guests has a good chance of calling. Our free forecast for this meeting: Winning Bavaria



Match 1 round of the group stage of the Champions League Benfica - Bavaria will be held on Wednesday September 19 at 22:00 (MSK) at the stadium Da Luz.



The favorite in this game is Bayern, the bets on winning which bookmakers accept with a coefficient of 1.45. Betting on winning Benfica in this meeting can be made with quotation 6.50. That is, the chances of the Portuguese to win in a duel with Bayern are estimated at four and a half times lower than the chances of the German club. Benfica won just three of the last ten home games in the Champions League, as many times in a draw and four times losing. All four defeats fell on her last seven matches in the arena of Da Luz - the same time Benfica lost for 23 home matches in the Champions League before that. It should be noted that the "Eagles" for the last nine matches in their native walls in the main European Cup have never scored more than one goal.

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Bavaria in each of the last five guest matches in the Champions League scored more than one goal, having won four wins and once a draw. For the last eight fights in a foreign field in the main European Cup in regular time, she lost only once and won six wins. At the same time, the Munich club skipped at least one goal in the last 14 matches of the Champions League on the road. Despite this, Benfica Bavaria should win. Let and will not be able to interrupt his guest streak with missed balls.



In seven of the last nine home games of Benfica in the Champions League, the performance did not exceed two goals. And in four meetings on this segment at best, one goal was scored. At the same time, in each of the last ten guest matches of Bavaria in the Champions League, the performance was above two goals. And in the nine matches on this segment scored both teams. Most likely, there will be many goals in Lisbon. In this case, Benfica will score just one goal, and Bayern will hit the target at least twice.

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the victory of Bavaria; total more than 2.5 goals.

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The Munich club is considered one of the contenders for the victory in the Champions League. In the group stages, the Germans always perform brilliantly, which they must demonstrate even this time.


Benfica hit the Champions League through a sifter qualifying. In the last round, she defeated 5: 2 Greek PAOK. Last eur season, the Eagles failed. They took the last place in the group with Manchester United, Basel and CSKA, losing all six games. But now the wards of Vitoria intend to be rehabilitated. They have successfully prepared for the Champions League games in the national championship, where Benfica now leads with ten points after four matches.

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The performance of Bavaria is even more impressive - three wins in three games and at least three goals scored in each match. At the start of the season Kovacs' wards defeated 5: 0 Eintracht in the Super Bowl and 3: 1 Hoffenheim, 3: 0 Stuttgart and 3: 1 Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. The lack of a worthy opposition in Germany can prevent Munich from achieving the highest goals at the continental level, but in September the team does not really think about it.

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These teams met each other in the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2016/17. Then went on to Bayern, but in Lisbon, the team played 2: 2. Still Benfica plays at home very much. So on Bavaria Wednesday will be very difficult, but the Germans will be able to earn a full three points.


Winning Benfica with a handicap (+1.5) at 1.6

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Benfica shows good football in the new season, and the team is already fully involved in the season. In addition to matches of the national championship, Rui Vitoria wards also played in the qualification of the Champions League, so that the European Cups managed to "sell out" as well. And here it is interesting: the "eagles" have never lost, but for some reason they constantly miss the house! Nevertheless, with the attack from the Portuguese team everything is fine, and still no one left without a goal from them ...


Bavaria in the new season demonstrates just a murderous game, roaring everyone, all and everywhere. In fact, now there is a feeling that Niko Kovacs has been working with the team for several seasons, otherwise he would have managed to build such a powerful style of play. In the new season the Munichers managed to win back only 5 official matches, in 4 of them they scored at least 3 goals. They regretted only the weak Drochtersen / Assel (0: 1) at the start of the season, and then in the Cup of Germany .

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Benfica on Estadio Da Luz will take the favorite of group E to Bavaria. The game is considered a bookmaker as a horse and I do not have the right to argue with them in this case.


The Portuguese club failed in the last draw of the Champions League who remembers, but the eagles lost all their 6 fights in the group with Basel, CSKA and Manchester United. Nevertheless, in Letmera long ago already selected cast those who are fighting for the championship and the hosts did not have problems with hitting the Champions League for the next season. True, through selection, but here they frankly farted. I found PAOK, which they could not beat at home, but the Greeks acted too impressively in the home match and paid for it, with Bavaria it will be very difficult, because there are big problems with the obornoy, which has not changed since leaving Lindeleph in MJ and Luisao on retire. Do not forget about the young goalkeeper Svilare, who is not yet 20 and which can be started at any time.

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Munchentsy quite a weekday started successfully in the Bundeslides and at the moment do not have points losses with the new coach Niko Kovacs. The last game with Bayer at the Allianz Arena turned out to be fun, quickly conceding a penalty from Wendel (it was even necessary to interrupt), Bayern quickly took the game under her control, scored twice and in the end after the removal of Belarabi and with the help of Hames buried the opponent. Nevertheless, the Germans lost Tolisso with a rupture of cruciate ligaments, and if one remembers that in the first round they lost Koman because of a serious injury, then the question of expediency of returning to the team of the legendary doctor (unfortunately, I do not remember his name), dismissed by Pep . In any case, the guests have enough reserves to beat Benfica and do it confidently, since the hosts still did not change much over the year.


The hosts must score their goal, all the same they are well-oriented to the attacking action, while the guests have not yet strongly adjusted the game on the defensive. Nevertheless, the Bavarian car is now stronger and more decent and it may well be enough to disappoint Benfica more than once. We assume the main rate will be a minus forehead on the favorite, while alternatives to the ITB of Bavaria and the Victory of the favorite through OZ.

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The Portuguese grandee this year has every chance to make it to the playoffs of the Champions League, for which Benfica needs to be in the standings higher than Ajax and AEK. Starting his way Benfica will be a duel with Bayern Munich, and this is a serious test for the wards of Rui Vitoria. In recent years, Benfica has worked seriously in the transfer market, regularly parting with their leaders. It seems that Rui Vitoria now has to build a new team, the good, the resource of the Portuguese club looks very serious!


On the way to the group stage of the Champions League, Benfica has overcome two qualifying rounds, being stronger than Fenerbahce (1: 0, 1: 1) and PAOK (1: 1, 4: 1). In the current season Benfica will seriously change in the personnel plan, and next to the veterans of the team (Luisão, Feysa, Salvio, etc.) there will be a lot of newcomers - F. Ferreira, Castillo, Gabriel, A. Semedu, Vlachodimos, Conti and Lem.

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Every year, Bavaria is ranked among the top favorites of the tournament, where the team from Munich regularly gets to the final stages of the Champions League. Since this season at the head of Bavaria is Croatian specialist Nico Kovacs, who made a name for himself in Eintracht, winning in the last season with him the German Cup. Replace the legendary Heinkes Kovacs will be difficult, but the Croatian specialist started his work very successfully (5 official matches and 5 wins). We hope that it is with Kovacs that the future victories of Bavaria are linked.

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The potential of the German grand is simply huge, because in Bavaria we see a fantastic symbiosis of experienced players (Ribéry, Boateng, Neuer, Müller, Robben, Hummels and Lewandowski) and young players (Gnabri, R. Sanchez, Züle, Kimmich and Goretzk). But it is such an alloy of experience and youth that is the gold standard of world football.



Despite the home status of the match for the Portuguese, the favorite in the game is Bayern. Online bookmakers give the success of the team from Munich coefficient 1.49, and to win Benfica - 7.30. The draw is estimated by bookmakers for 4.47. Also we have the following quotations for classic total-bets: "total more than 2.5" for 1.66, "total less than 2.5" for 2.39. These quotes for performance promise us a match with a high score scored goals.

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Benfica will be able to deliver certain difficulties to Bayern on the football field, because the Portuguese team is a strong rival in the European club arena. Despite this, Bayern will be a big favorite of the match, controlling the ball and having a territorial advantage. As a result, here we are waiting for Bavaria's labor victory, for which it is important to start the group stage with a successful outcome.


Bet: victory of Bavaria (P2) – 1.49.

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