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The World Championship in volleyball is an event that, of course, does not compare with an identical football event, but also deserves special attention. On September 9, two pairs have already set the pace, and on the twelfth the main series of fights will take place. In one of these will come together national teams of Belgium and Argentina. We remind you that this is only the first stage of a long tournament

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This confrontation can be safely considered one of the most interesting in the entire starting round. This is a rare case when you can not single out a clear favorite. Both teams respect bookmakers and pay tribute to their merits. Sometimes it happens, the more interesting the match, the harder it is to decide on the bet. Let's try to find a victorious path that will lead us to win.



The European team in June participated in a certain tournament called the Golden European League. The format of the tournament was extremely tough - only one team from every three groups went to the playoff stage. All the rest were thrown off the cliff, as if they were born in Sparta. Our today's heroes managed to score eleven points after six games, and the Estonians had four more. Who went on to summarize is not necessary.

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After such an unfortunate failure, the guys decided to get together and practice before the start of the world forum. Coaching staff decided to hold two goods with Poland. The battle was two, but the feeling that the teams were playing with a coin box - in both cases, "Psheks" won with a score of 3: 1. The result is unfortunate, and in this situation you need to think ten times before putting on the Belgians.



The Argentine national team won the Pan-American Cup. At the group stage, our heroes of today managed to outplay Puerto Rico, Peru and the United States of America. In the playoffs met Cuba and Brazil. In both cases, South Americans were stronger. The collective returned home for a couple of days, to shine with gold medals and happy faces.

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The moment of triumph has passed, it's time to take on a new order. The guys also played two matches against the Dutch national team. First, the Argentines managed to win with a score of 3: 2, but in the second match there is an identical defeat. Unlike the future opponent, the guys approach the match in a more or less decent mental form. This factor can play a decisive role in the first round.


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Europeans in friendly matches did not show anything, and even in previous major tournaments they were silent, like a student defending their own diploma. "Tricolor" this summer already celebrated one victory at the World Cup, it's time to stop, or the nation can not quit the binge.

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Bet - the victory of Argentina.

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