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On the next Tuesday, the Belarusian and Dutch champions will determine which of them deserved the right to play in the Champions League. The favorite of the pair is PSV, but Borisov's do not need to be discounted.


In the previous qualifying round, BATE left Azeri Karabakh with a total score of 2: 1 behind the tournament. Now the Belarusians are preparing to overcome the last obstacle on the way to the Champions League. The last five years, this club was most often satisfied with getting into the Europa League, but he is not against resurrecting those memories when the Barysau players played with Bayern, Juventus and Real. The truth is, only in native walls.

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PSV for the second time in three years became the champion of the Netherlands. But if in the season 2016/17 he got to the Champions League directly, now he has to pass qualification. All this is due to the selection reform from UEFA and the mediocre level of the Dutch performance on the euroarena. As part of the Eindhoven, there are many skilled performers who are eager to show up in the most prestigious club tournament in Europe.


According to experts, PSV's chances of winning in Belarus are much better than those of the home team. But they will try to maximize their chance to overcome a serious opponent. So we expect the exchange of goals scored.

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Both will score at 1.92


Together with the weekend, the matches of the regular championships will end. They will be replaced by the main European tournament - the Champions League. Not yet determined all the participants of the group stage, so the team in full-time duels are fighting for a place under the sun. One of these battles can be considered the confrontation between BATE and PSV, which will take place at the Borisov Arena.


Bookmakers, despite the factor of the field, are confident in the success of the Dutch guests. Their choice is explained by the best selection of players - it's difficult to argue with them. However, the class of performers may not play a decisive role in this match, because the guys started in the season not so long ago as their Belarusian opponents. Skill or condition - what will affect the outcome of the meeting?

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Aleksey Bagi's wards in the current qualification of the Champions League have already managed to overcome two stages. First, the team left the Finnish HIC behind, and then changed the Azerbaijani Garabagh. It is worth noting that in both cases, the Belarusians did not win in the home - the fans were content only with draws. However, on the road the guys got a positive result twice.


Successes in the Euroarena are largely due to the fact that the Belarusian championship has reached its equator and the players have a regular gaming practice. "Yellow-blue" played seventeen fights, having won fourteen victories. Forty-four points allow them to confidently lead the standings and not be afraid that competitors can throw them off the top.

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"Red and white", unlike their opponent, only join in the season, so the meeting will be only the fourth official game for them. Wards of Mark van Bommel won in three of the four friendly sparring, and approached the match for the Super Bowl in good tone. The fate of the trophy was decided in a penalty shootout, in which the players of Feyenoord were more exact.


The defeat did not greatly affect the morale of the "peasants", and a week later they defeated Utrecht within the starting round of the championship of the Netherlands. The second game also ended in a triumph - at the exit was minimally beaten by Fortune. Now the team has to compete with the opponent, which is much inferior in the class, but due to the support of fans and game conditions is quite capable of imposing a fight.


Forecast for this match

Belarusian guys will be extremely difficult to resist a formidable opponent. Their trump card is the field factor - if players want to break into the group stage of the Champions League, they need to squeeze the most out of the home game. On the road, they are unlikely to be able to count on something, so the outcome of the confrontation for them will actually be decided by the first meeting.

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BATE started in the qualification of the Champions League from the second round. Both previous stages of the Belarusian club was unbeaten.


First, BATE defeated the Finnish HIC. After a draw in his field (0: 0) Belarusians won on the road - 2: 1. The positive result of BATE came from the goal of Rafinja Scapini and the exact blow of Igor Stasevich.


In the third round of qualification on the way of BATE was the Azerbaijani "Karabakh". This time, the Belarusians began with a guest victory - 1: 0 thanks to a goal Stanislav Dragoon. In the return meeting, the teams played a draw - 1: 1 (Mirko Ivanich scored at BATE).

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Note that BATE was the only representative of Belarus in European competition.


In the Belarusian championship, BATE last played on July 20, after which the tournament took a break. The club from Borisov confidently leads, ahead of the nearest pursuer by 7 points.



PSV enters the fight for the group stage of the Champions League just now. By this time the team managed to hold three official matches and get a good shape.

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First battle for the Dutch Super Cup against the "Feyenoord" ended in a goalless draw and PSV defeat in the penalties - 5: 6.


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Then the "red-white" successfully started in the national championship. In the first round, "Utrecht" (4: 0 with goals of Gaston Pereiro, Steven Bergvein, Irving Lozano and Denzel Dumfries) was defeated, and in the second PSV far more modestly beat "Fortune Sittard", snatching victory at the last minutes of the meeting - 2: 1. The author of the victorious ball was Dante Rigo, and in the first half, Lozano scored.

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BATE and PSV for the first time in history will play against each other.


Favorite bookmakers consider the favorite of the first match to be. You can bet on their victory with a coefficient of 1.85. Draw is estimated by a coefficient of 3.50, and the victory of the home team 4.60.


BATE, most likely, will play the second number, trying not to miss first and counting on the odds in counterplay. The team is quite intransigent in its field, however, and the opponent of the PSV level at the Belarusian club this season was not yet.

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We suggest that in this match put on an away victory PSV with a coefficient of 1.85.


In one of the first matches of the final stage of the Champions League qualification Belarusian BATE and Dutch PSV will compete. In their history, these rivals have not met. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?


BATE is the sole leader of the Belarusian Major League and closest pursuer, Vitebsk, ahead of 7 points. As part of the selection of the European championship "Borisov" have already passed two rand. In these confrontations Alexei Baga's wards were beaten with a 2: 1 total score by the Finnish HIC and Azerbaijani Garabagh.

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In the Dutch Major League played only 2 rounds and in both PSV won. At the beginning of the month, "red-white" in a duel for the Dutch Super Cup in a penalty shoot-out lost to Feyenoord (0: 1). Their performance in the qualification of the Champions League guests are just beginning.


Favorite in the upcoming game, though not explicit, is PSV. However, it is unlikely that in the first meeting the teams will risk, but will try to play reliably from defense. Proceeding from this, do not expect a large number of goals scored in the match.

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We suggest betting on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for a high coefficient of 1.75


On the 21st of the day there will be a confrontation in which BATE and PSV will compete for a place in the championship league. The collectives have never crossed among themselves, which will only add to the intrigue.

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"Batons" quietly prepared for the fight, because they took a break on the championship games. Most likely, thanks to the successfully chosen schedule, the team managed to go so far. It is interesting that the club wins in away tours, but at home there were draws - 1: 1 and 0: 0.


PSV only begin to enter the game selection process, and this qualifying round will be their second. Recall that the Van Bommel team has already participated in the Super Cup match, which rebounded from the "Feyenoord". But already in the championship things have gone better.

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Forecast for the match "BATE" - "PSV", TB2. Now both the opponent in good shape, so you can expect from them at least a couple of goals for two.


Forecast for BATE Borisov - PSV Eindhoven. This is a match for joining the Champions League teams.


PSV Eindhoven is a favorite against BATE Borisov!

PSV is the favorite. At Borisov Arena, bookmakers give the host a chance. But why?

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The time has passed since BATE made fantastic matches in the group stage. Now, even with luck and luck, they became champions with equal points with Dynamo Minsk.


The 2016s dropped out of the modest Dundalk (Ireland). Now they removed HIC and Karabakh by failing to beat them at home. And luck covered them at the visits.

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Forecast for BATE Borisov - PSV Eindhoven

Yes, BATE are champions of Belarus. But PSV Eindhoven - the Netherlands. The two championships are incomprehensible.


The Dutch champion is led by legendary Van Bommel. He played as a support midfielder. Now he normally wants his team to play carefully in defense.

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His lines are usually 4-3-3, translating into the form 4-5-1. For three official games they have only scored 1 goal. From this point of view, the clean pair of coefficient 2.00 in bet365 seems to be the more logical sign.


I will still give a chance to the Borisovs counterattack. They will need a goal and will look for it. For the PSV attack I have no doubts. They even showed it in control against Galatasaray, Olympiakos and Valencia.

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