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The fourth round of the regular Spanish championship will present a confrontation between Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid. In the Basque country at the stadium "San Mames" will come the current club world champion. Intrigue in the pot is the fact that last season one of the main contenders for the crown twice stumbled in the battle with the "lions". Nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten, for sure the "creamy" will want revenge.


The favorite is predictable, the bookmakers decided not to invent a hydroscout and put representatives of the capital in the rank of the nominal winner. The only thing that makes us doubt this outcome is the place of sparring. "San Mames" often cause the loss of points for the favorites. Let's try to predict the outcome of the battle.



In the starting two rounds "red-white" collected four points. In the starting battle, the "lions" in the home arena were able to beat Llanares with a score of 2: 1. Further the squad of Berisso again received guests, this time Huesca. The arrogant invaders managed to take the whole point out of the Basque country. In the third round, everything was simple - it was not there, it was decided to move the battle against Rayo Vallecano.

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At the moment, "red-white" are on the sixth line in the standings. However, this figure should not be taken seriously, because a huge number of clubs the same figure. The season has just begun and according to the hodge of the long tournament the clubs are already sorted more clearly. In the upcoming match, Berisso and his guys will have to sweat, because they will be visited by Real.



The season for the club started badly. At first Cristiano Ronaldo left, a vacuum appeared in the team. There was a question in the locker room, which no one wanted to answer - who would now perform the 11-meter-highs and customize the free shampoo after the advertisement? Then there was a defeat in the European Super Cup from Atletico Madrid. It seemed that the bright times passed .

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However, not the start of the new season Examples of the squad Yulena Lopetega pleasantly surprised - in the starting three games the guys just won. At first "creamy" defeated Getafe, then Girona and Leganes fell. We understand that the rivals are not very strong, but the game of Madrid was impressive. Now in the piggy bank the team has nine points, and the backlog from Barcelona is only in additional indicators.


Forecast for this match

Surely the real players are gnawing at the feeling that last season they have never managed to defeat the Basques. Future sparring is a great opportunity to improve. In this situation, we would recommend to put on a favorite.


Bet is the victory of Real.

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The last season was the most unsuccessful for "Athletics" in the last 21 years. Despite the fact that the Basque team for 14 points broke away from the relegation zone of the championship of Spain, the 16th place should be called a real failure, especially if you consider the "Lions" have already accustomed their fans that if they do not go to European cups, they necessarily finish the campaign in the top half of the standings.


Obviously, the successor to Ernesto Valverde, who left Barcelona a year ago, did not cope with his mission of replacing a reputable coach.

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Not surprisingly, in his place came a new helmsman, who was Eduardo Berizzo, who had previously worked successfully in Celta and not too well in Seville. For the time being, this castling can be considered successful, because after the last match of the last season, Bilbains lost only one match out of eight, and he fell to a control meeting against Hannover (0: 2).


In the first two rounds (one game the club suffered), "Athletic" scored four points, beating the house "Leganes" (2: 1) and playing on the road in a draw with "Huesca" (2: 2).



After three consecutive wins in the Champions League, the resignation from the post of mentor Zinedine Zidane and the sale of the main star in the face of Cristiano Ronaldo "Real" predicted problems in the new season.


Top-7 most interesting transfers of summer-2018 in Europe

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These talks fueled the summer transfer campaign of the royal club, which did not try to find a replacement for the retired leader of his attacks. Nevertheless, the new head coach of the team Khulen Lopetega did not try to become a replacement for Zizou, but decided to build his game.


Under the leadership of the former national team of Spain, "Cream" began to play more team football, where the performers value the ball more and more actively combine with each other, because now they are no longer looking for the ball of the Portuguese striker.

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Forecast: Karim Benzema will score, and Real will win 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1


It also allowed Karim Benzema and Gareth Bail to step out of Ronaldo's shadow and score more often than in previous seasons: now the Frenchman and the Welshman have four and three goals respectively on the basis of three starting rounds. What is not less important - the Madrid team, due to the new style, is less likely to compromise their goal, and therefore they miss less: as a result, three wins out of three and a goal difference of 10-2.



Bookmakers are considered the favorite of the guests, the coefficient for winning is 1.57, while the success of the hosts is estimated at 5.00, and the draw at 4.50.


We recommend to bet that Karim Benzema will score, and "Real" will win 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 for 9.00.

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Closing the Saturday night game of the 4th round of the Spanish examples will be the central match of the tour - Atletico Bilbao will take the Madrid Real Madrid.


Last season, these teams played twice a draw (0: 0 and 1: 1), but can a new team win at least one of the matches?


In the new season, Athletic had only 2 official matches, which scored 4 points. And both of these matches were domestic, and proved to be extremely effective (from both sides). Thus, Eduardo Berisso's wards first defeated Leganes (2: 1), and then played a draw with Huesca (2: 2). Apparently, the "Basque" problems with the defense, but everything is good with the attack ...

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But Real Madrid shows great football, although everyone expected the failure of the team. Yes, "creamy" do not fend on the field, as before, but still steadily win. Thus, under the example of Lopetegi's wards, they scored a maximum of 9 points - 3 wins with a total score of 10: 2. And that's interesting: with the departure of Ronaldo "sparkled" Bale and Benzema (7 goals for 3 rounds for two).


On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to win Real Madrid, but it is better to put an effectiveness. In fact, the "Basques" have problems in the defense, but "creamy" razabivalis. Most likely, Madrid will continue to surprise, so a couple of goals just have to score ...

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Free forecast for the match Athletic Bilbao - Real Madrid: "Individual total of Real is more than 1.5". Bookmaker office 1xBet offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.46.


In the 4 th round of the La Liga, the Athletic team from Bilbao in their field "San Mamés Barrià" will host the acting club world champion, Real Madrid. Despite the field factor, the metropolitan squad in this pair is an obvious favorite, although it is worth paying attention to the fact that last season the Basques played twice with a "creamy" draw, i.e. took away the "kings" points.


Two matches

In the first two matches, Athletic scored four points in his asset, first the Basques in their native walls were defeated with a 2: 1 Leganes, and after, again at the "San Mamés" played a draw with Huesca 2: 2. In the standings, the "lions" are located at the 6th position, they have 4 points in their assets. The same number of points gained from a large number of teams, after each played day of play, the situation in the La Liga standings is changing a lot.

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Three wins

After the defeat in the Super Cup of Spain from Madrid Atletico, Real played three games in La Liga and won all three. First, the "kings" defeated the "Santiago Bernabéu" Getafe, then were stronger than Girona on the road, and then, again in their native walls defeated Leganes 4: 1. In the piggy bank, Lopetegi has 9 points, but only second. Lag from the leading Barca on secondary indicators. Real has enough compilations, but there's no doubt that Real Madrid's coaching staff will cope with this problem.



Real Madrid travels to Bilbao exclusively for three points, any other result will be unacceptable for Madrid. Basques at home are always dangerous, but Athletic is two lagging behind Real Madrid in terms of staffing, so in this pair, the stake on the guests looks logical. Our free forecast for this meeting:

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Closing Saturday night Examples will be a duel between "Athletics" and "Real". It is interesting that in the last game year the teams crossed twice and the winner could not be singled out - two peaceful outcomes.


In the current season, the "Basques" led only 2 rounds, and earned 4 points. Both matches Berisso's team held at their home audience - 2: 1 beat "Leganes", and 2: 2 with "Huesca". The main problem of the club is their game of defense, and so everything is pretty good.


"Blancos" are quite good, but serious opponents have not yet met. Football players Lopetegi scored 9 points, and scoring statistics 10: 2. Interestingly, the departure of CR7 went to the benefit of Bale and Benzema, who scored two goals for two.


Forecast for the match "Aletik" - "Real", TB1.5 from the guests. Given the problems of the hosts with protection, it is likely that the metropolitan team will be able to score a couple of goals.

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Experts of the information and analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 4th round of the championship of Spain Atletico Madrid-Eibar, which will be held at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium on Saturday, September 15, starting at 14:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers are much more appreciated the chances of the home team. Atletico after three rounds is located in a modest tenth place, gaining just four points. Wards Diego Simeone had time to win, play a draw and lose. In particular, in the last round the capital club lost at the exit of Celta with the score 0: 2. By the way, this result was interrupted by the unbeaten Atlético series, which consisted of four games - two wins and two draws. In his field, he lost just 1 of 22 last matches in La Liga, having won 15 wins and six draws. In 15 meetings on this stretch, Atletico managed to leave his own goal intact.

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Eibar for three starting rounds scored three points and is now at 15th position. After two defeats, he beat with a score of 2: 1 Real Sociedad. And he missed first, but first he played, and the decisive goal scored in the first compensated minute - scored Sharles. This was only the fourth victory of Abar for the last 15 matches in La Liga. At the same time, I must say that on the road he lost only one of the five previous fights of the tournament, winning twice and drawing in a draw.



Last season, Atletico beat Eibar away with a score of 1: 0, but at home he played with him in a draw 2: 2. Now his unbeaten series continues in confrontation with the "Weaponsmiths", numbering 12 matches, ten of which were won. It is noteworthy that in six of the last ten matches between Atletico and Eibar, more than two goals were scored.

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Experts site Bukmeker.rf forecast victory Atletico, believing that the home team will not miss. In the bookmaker office, 1xStavka predicts the victory of Atletico 2-0 or 1: 0 (the coefficients are 5.00 and 5.50 respectively). The stakes on what Atletico will not miss are accepted with a coefficient of 1.74.



the victory of Atletico - 1.39, a draw - 4.49, Eibar's victory – 9.45.

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Experts of the information and analysis site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 4th round of the championship of Spain Athletic Bilbao - Real Madrid, which will be held at the San Mamés Barria stadium on Saturday, September 15, beginning at 21:45 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Real Madrid, believing that he will win with a difference of not less than two goals. After three rounds, the Royal Club divides the first place with Barcelona, ​​gaining nine points out of nine possible. He consistently beat Getafe (2: 0), Girona (4: 1) and Leganes (4: 1). In every match Gareth Bale scored on the goal, but the best sniper of the team is Karim Benzema - he has already scored four goals. Given the past season, Real Madrid does not lose in five matches in a row, winning four victories. And of the last 15 matches in La Liga he lost only one and never once during this time did not stay without goals scored. And in 6 of the last 15 matches in the championship of Spain, Real scored in at least three goals.

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Athletic this season held two matches in La Liga, beating the home of Leganes with a score of 2: 1 and drawing a 2: 2 draw against Huesca. And in a duel with the last Athletic led 2-0, but allowed the opponent to recoup. Given the past season, the Basques have won just two of the last nine matches in La Liga with the same number of draws and five defeats. On their own field, they scored only five wins for the last 17 meetings in the national championship.



Last season, both matches between these teams ended in a draw - 0: 0 in Bilbao and 1: 1 in Madrid. Before that, four consecutive games won Real Madrid. And they did not play in six matches in a row. In general, last season, Real and Athletic played in a draw as many times as for 37 official matches before that (28 wins Real and 7 victories at Athletic). It is worth noting that in seven of the last ten matches between Athletic and Real scored both teams.

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Experts site Bukmeker.rf predict the victory of Real, believing that the score in this meeting will be the hosts and guests. In the bookmaker office 1xStavka predict the victory of Real with a score of 2: 1 (coefficient 7.50). Highly quoted draw 1: 1 and win the guests 2: 0 (coefficient 8.50). To bet on the fact that both teams will score, it is possible with a coefficient of 1.57.



the victory of Athletic - 5.26, a draw - 4.42, the victory of Real - 1.58.

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