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Astana is approaching the third round of qualifications in excellent shape, because the team did not go through the first two in vain. So, wards Roman Grigorchuk managed to beat Sutyesku (overall score 3: 0) and Midtjylland (2: 1). And in the national championship the "blue-yellow" perform just fine, and in the end they do not lose 12 matches in a row (10 wins). And of course, we should not forget that at home the Kazakhstani team consistently scores 2 goals, but misses once in 3 matches ...

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But Dynamo also managed to pass the previous round of qualifying Champions League (one), but in general the team did not gain the desired game tone. Yes, before this match in the wards Nenad Bulitsa will account for 4 bouts in the season, but not so they are successful. And in the last round they were lucky, because at home the "blue" beat "no" Hapoel with a score of 5: 0. Then the Dynamo simply "bounce"



In the two previous rounds of qualification qualification, the Kazakhstan champion alternately beat Montenegrin Sutiersku - 3: 0 (1: 0 and 2: 0) and Danish Midtjylland - 2: 1 (2: 1 and 0: 0). Particularly hard was the struggle of the team of Roman Grigorchuk with the best club in Denmark. After all, after his minimal defeat in the first match in Astana with a score of 2: 1, that is, with a goal scored on the opponent's field, "the wolves of Herning" were considered the shadow favorite of the pair. And therefore the possible quiz in the return home match even the score - 1: 0 unambiguously deduced the team of Jens Torup in the next qualifying stage.

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However, to the great disappointment for the fans of Midtjylland, Astana held its return match on the opponent's field as if it had no advantage after the first meeting. Guests surpassed the hosts in the number of strikes (9 against 13), almost equally controlled the course of the game (54 x 46 percent), and did not allow the hosts to print their own goal (0: 0).



As a result, the team of Roman Grigorchuk quite deservedly reached the next qualifying stage, where she now will have to fight with no less formidable opponent. This is a grand Croatian football - Dynamo Zagreb.


Unlike its closest opponent, Nenad Belitsa's team started promotion on the qualifying tournament grid from the second qualifying round, where its rival was the new champion of Israel. In this pair of fighting did not work, because already in the first home meeting in his famous arena "Maksimir" the blue declassed Hapoel from Beer Sheva with a humiliating hockey account (5: 0). Naturally, after such a result in the first match, the reciprocal game on the opponent's field automatically turned into a protocol formality. But, nevertheless, in the native walls the champion of Israel managed to please his fans with one point earned (2: 2).

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According to the draw, the first battle of the champions of Kazakhstan and Croatia will be held in Astana. However, this fact did not make the team of Roman Grigorchuk a favorite of the upcoming meeting. Here, according to experts, the chances of rivals to win are approximately equal: P1 - 2.50, P2 - 2.90.



Naturally, now, on the eve of the first home game Astana dreams of a new victory, and expects to repeat the scenario of the previous two-legged confrontation with the champion of Denmark. Just do not forget that this time an opponent of the Kazakhstan club was an experienced ligochempionsky fighter, who played repeatedly in the autumn group tournament of the European club championship.

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Our forecast is Astana's victory with a handicap (0) for 1.73.


On the seventh day will be the semifinal meeting of the Champions League selection, in which "Astana" will compete with "Dinamo" from Zagreb. Prior to this, the collectives had never crossed. It will be interesting to see who will be more successful.


"Blue-yellow" took the "gold" of Kazakhstan, and this season they are confidently leading, which confirms their optimal game form. Grigorchuk's footballers were able to pass two opponents of the selection - 3: 0 "Sutyescu", after 2: 1 "Midtjylland". If you take 7 recent confrontations, then they missed only 1 ball.

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"Blue" took the "gold" of Croatia. Belitsa's squad managed to hold several rounds, and even one opponent in the qualification. The team dealt with "Hapoel" - 5: 0 and 2: 2.


Forecast for the match "Astana" - "Dinamo Zagreb", TB1.5. Owners must take the initiative in their own hands. Their opponent will be tired after the flight, so you can count on a couple of goals in the game.

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In the coming Tuesday starts a series of matches of the third round of the selection of the championship league. In one of the matches of the reporting day, Karabakh will face against BATE. There came the stage of selection, for which it is sometimes even interesting to observe, the smell of the approaching big season has already actually filled the entire earthly firmament. The battle will take place in Kazakhstan, a country where people, as if from a picture came out, so they are so beautiful.


The representative of Central Asia has an advantage in the form of a home stadium, "Astana Arena" often becomes the last refuge for erring pilgrims. However, this time a strong opponent will come to Kazakhstan, yes, one can accidentally drop a head from such a country, but the guests have a lot of experience of such sparring. Let's try to dig out a profitable and safe ratio.

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The government of Kazakhstan - people are wise, it's clear from the eyes, the same applies to football functionaries. Bosses with starched collars paused the domestic championship, so that their teams could more easily concentrate on European competition. All this fuss just for the sake of the two teams - our heroes of today and Kairat, the whole nation is watching their progress in Europe.

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It would seem, and here Ukraine, but the "blue-yellow" has already rolled back twenty-one games in the national championship and collected during the reporting period fifty-three points. Separation from the eternal enemy of Kairat is six points, but the latter still have one duel in reserve. It can be recalled that the Kazakhs had already held two rounds in the qualification - first the guys went through Montenegrin Sutyeski, and then defeated the Danes from Midyulland.


Dinamo Zagreb

The Croatians broke into the qualification, like Eminem for a bit. Already in the first match, the "blue" demolished the Israeli team called Hapoel Beer-Sheva. Our today's heroes scored five unanswered goals. Now the Israelites will have to walk in the desert for many years, to wash away this shame. The second duel ended with a more decent score of 2: 2 and it did not put a limit of 18+.

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