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An interesting enough confrontation will take place within the playoffs of the Europa League, the Cyprus team APOEL will compete with a team from Kazakhstan called Astana. The first match of this duel is scheduled for Thursday, August 23, a duel will take place on the field of the Cypriot team, and the hosts in this game are the obvious favorites.



Team from Cyprus

The Cyprus Championship has not started yet, so APOEL could not normally prepare for the European Cup battles. The first contender of the Cypriots in the qualification of the Champions League was Lithuanian Suduva, a team that in recent seasons has made notable progress. Sudouva won APOEL 3: 1 in her field, the hosts took revenge in Cyprus, but only 1: 0. In the qualification LE APOEL played two rounds already, was stronger than the Estonian Flora and Israeli Hapoel Beer-Sheva. It can be said that with the practice of the Cypriots now complete order.

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Problems with results

Astana does not have the best period of the season, the Kazakhstan team did not win since July 28, the match against Atyrau. Since then, Astana has tied with Midtjylland 0: 0, broke up the world with Aktobe, twice lost to Zagreb Dynamo 0: 2 and 0: 1. Obviously, future guests have problems with efficiency, which can prevent representatives of Central Asia from playing qualitatively in Cyprus.



APOEL will certainly bet on a home match, in Astana a difficult lawn, plus a specific climate, as well as in Cyprus. The hosts have already recovered from the departure from the Champions League from Suduva, the goal of the Cypriots - a place in the group LE. Our free forecast for this meeting: APOEL will be the first to score 1.69

In one of the first matches of the final stage of the qualification of the League of Europe, Cyprian APOEL and Kazakh Astana will compete. The last time these rivals met twice in 2016 and in these meetings they exchanged home victories with a score of 2: 1. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?


APOEL started his selection in the European Cups from the Champions League, but already in the first stage he lost on the sum of two matches with the score 2: 3 to the Lithuanian club Suduv. As for the qualification of the LE, the hosts have already passed two rounds. In these stages of qualification Brent Balthasar's wards have already passed Estonian Flora (5: 2) and Israeli Hapoel from Beersheba (5: 3).


The Kazakh Premier League is now in full swing and Astana is the sole leader of its standings. Last week, the "railroad" in the semi-final round of the Champions League gave way with a total score of 0: 3 to the Croatian Dynamo from Zagreb. It is also worth noting that guests can not win for 4 matches in a row.

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Bookmakers in the coming confrontation on the side of APOEL, although I give to his victory a very high ratio. However, now the "Cypriots" are in excellent shape and must win in the first home game.


We propose to stake on the outcome of the "victory of APOEL" for a high coefficient of 2

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APOEL will compete with Astana in the final of the qualification of the Europa League, the fight will be held at the stadium "GSP" on August 23 at 20:00.


APOEL looks pretty high at the high level and pleases the fans, a few years ago the team went even to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. In the club there are quality performers and there is a good coach, but this is not enough for success. Now at the start of the season, "Legend" shows interesting football and brings fear to its eminent competitors. In his last matches APOEL beat Hapoel Beer-Sheva 3-1, played a 2-2 draw with him and was weaker than Flora 0-2.


Astana in the past few years has grown strongly in the football plan, which shows a high class of performers. Last season, "Railroad" pretty well performed in European competition and pleased their fans until the last game. Now it is difficult to talk about the plans of the team, but still on the domestic arena players do not have competitors, so all the forces can be directed to European cups. In their last matches, Astana lost to Zagreb Dynamo 0-1, 0-2 and played a draw with Aktobe 1-1.


The last time Astana beat APOEL with a score of 2-1. Now two teams look good, but still Kazakhs look unstable at home, while Cypriots at home are strong. The stake: the victory of APOEL - P1.

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Forecast: П1 with coefficient 2


Thursday evening will give us a confrontation in which "APOEL" will take "Astana". Collectives will converge on the field in the qualification battle of the LE. A couple of years ago, rivals met, and then pleased the fans with home winnings - 2: 1.

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"Legend" so far only appears in the qualifying meetings, because the primacy of Cyprus has not yet started. If we take as a whole, the Balthasar's squad demonstrates a good level of football, but for the most part, wins are won only in home tours.


"Blue-yellow" has long been playing in the CPL and so far confidently leading the championship. Grigorchuk's players played in the Champions League, but because of the relegation from Dinamo Zagreb they are forced to compete in the European League. But with the departures at the club is not all smooth, and it is not often to score.


Forecast for the match "APOEL" - "Astana": the account will be opened by the hosts. In his field "legend" looks very powerful, so they must actively start and score first in the gates of Kazakhstan.

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APOEL internal championship has not yet, warming up let's say so at qualifying meetings in European competition. And the Cypriot team began with a match with the Ship in the Champions League, sensationally did not pass it and descended into the League of Europe. What is special for these meetings is that APOEL won all three fights in its arena, moreover the Cypriot club showed there excellent defense work, conceding only one ball. So here the guests will be very difficult, APOEL home club.


And the same can be said for the team from Kazakhstan, which plays much better in its arena than at a party. So for their last five guest matches, Astana won only one with three goals scored. And if we take only the European Cup away games, then there are three games and the same victory, but it was in the first round, the last two Kazakhs did not score. But to their part we note that they did not miss much.

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In the coming Thursday, by tradition, a ligurian barrage is expected. In one of the matches of the reporting day, Astana will meet against APOEL-I. It is worth recalling that this will be the first sparring of a two-part playoff series. The event will be held in Cyprus at the stadium "GSP". Local fans may not be ready to meet with the Kazakh nation, it's like taking in Brad Pitt's apartment.


Cypriots are considered to be the favorite, this mode is promoted by bookmakers. In general, you can agree with such a position, but do not forget who will come to visit them. Kazakhs are people who can throw a coefficient over their shoulder in a wrestling style and laugh at the "omniscient". Let's try to judge cold-bloodedly, who will be the winner of this confrontation.



The team from the city of Nicosia is in a vague position - the domestic championship has not yet started, so the condition of the owners left questions. The only field, against which we can judge the training - qualifications. It is worth mentioning that our heroes of today started a long way from the Champions League. Bruno Balthazar and his boys flew from Suduwa.

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"Legend" fell into the ligueuropean zone, where it had already rolled back two rounds. First the Cypriots overcame the Estonian Flora, and then they packed the suitcases for the Israeli Hapoel. A tight schedule slightly overtook the form of the hosts, but the condition of Bruno Balthazar and his guys is far from top. The main advantage in the first match will be the home arena, which still requires blood for the failed selection of the Champions League.



"Railwaymen" entered the black belt, Roman Grigorchuk and his guys can not boast of a victory since the 28th of July. Then our heroes of today managed to beat Atyrau. Then came the darkness of darkness. First, the "townspeople" painted the world with Midtjylland, then a similar pact was signed with Aktobe. Apogee became two defeats from Zagreb Dynamo.

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You do not need to be Sherlock and wear a monocle in the eye, to understand, the guests are in bad shape. The attacking line ceased to score, and the defensive line was steadily skipped. Roman Grigorchuk is a good Ukrainian specialist who can achieve results. There is no doubt that the Kazakhs will come to Cyprus with the sole purpose of playing with the most comfortable score.


Forecast for this match

Cypriots will definitely bet on a home match. Kazakhs will come to visit in an unstable state, while the hosts are gaining considerable turnovers from the match to the match. In this situation, it is worth it to catch on the favorite.


The stake is the victory of APOEL.

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On Thursday evening in one of the matches of the final round of the qualification of the League of Europe the Cyprian APOEL and Kazakhstan's Astana will converge.


The last time these teams met 2 years ago, when they were in the same group of LE. Then the teams exchanged home victories with a score of 2: 1, but can this series last?

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APOEL while acting exclusively in the qualification of European competition, as the championship of Cyprus has not yet begun. In general, the wards of Bruno Balthasar show good productive football, but all the victories are extracted at home. So, the "legend" of the house beat all 3 clubs in the course of qualification, conceding only 1 goal for these 3 matches (they themselves scored 9).


But Astana tries to combine qualification with the qualification of the Champions League, but the team did not succeed. As a result, the wards of Roman Grigorchuk failed in the matches with Zagreb Dynamo (0: 2 and 1: 0), so they got into the final qualifying round of the LE. Yes, and on the road "blue-yellow" scoring no more than one goal, while still passing consistently ...

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Bookmakers are more inclined to win APOEL, which is quite reasonable. At home, "legend" shows chic football, and "blue-yellow" on the road does not shine. Most likely, the owners will seize the leadership from the first minutes and will constantly dominate. So I recommend putting on the first goal from the Cypriots ...


Free forecast for APOEL - Astana match: "APOEL will score the first goal". On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.57.

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