Arsenal - Watford

Arsenal - Watford


Group of Arsenal: Cech, Ospina, Macy; Montreal Gibbs, Gabriel Chambers, Koshchelni, Mertesacker, Beyerin; ELNET, Ozil, Ren-Adeled, Ayobi, Sanchez, Campbell, Walcott, Welbeck, Giroux

Injured: Wilshere, Rosicky, Ramsey, Flamini, Oksleyd-Chamberlain, Cazorla

Group Watford: Gomez, Pantilimon; Cathcart Britos, Paredes, Holebas, Abdi, NREN, Pryodl; Suarez, Jurado, Behrami, Capua, Watson, Anja, Gediura, Amrabat, Igal Dean

Injured: Ekstrand, Hoban

Arsenal will try to take revenge for the loss of Watford in the FA Cup recently and start well in April after the disappointments experienced in March.

Albeit with a game in hand, Arsenal are now 11 points from Lester and 6 from Tottenham and only a strong run to the end of the season will keep their chances for the title, not accidentally manager put precisely target of 8 wins.

This is a game that people Arsene Wenger have to win at any cost and will strive to lose four consecutive meetings racing for the first time since 1959-a year.

Victory over Everton last weekend was only the second in the last nine games in all competitions, and the team definitely needs serious improvement of his "Emirates", which has scored only six goals in last 8 games, while for every of them it took 25 strokes.

The fall in the form Mr. Mesut Özil also affected, but Danny Welbeck and Alex Ayobi brought freshness to the attack of the team. Fluctuations should not be forgotten, because otherwise the situation around the team will be further complicated.

Watford is practically saved and can play released, which could help him. In hornets also a decline lately, and their Odion Igalo scorer has scored just once in the league in 2016-a.

Arsenal probably will not be easy and, although in English football anything is possible, Arsenal should not be confused. Second consecutive home loss for them by Watford would be a sensation, and it is a match that will bring the necessary serenity remaining before the decisive battles.