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Tula Arsenal inexpressingly started the new season, but everything is still ahead of the team. In general, the wards of Oleg Kononov demonstrate a good game, but with the implementation of their problems. And yes, the Tula did not score yet, although they should have. At first, the Gunners failed to beat Dynamo (0-0), who played in the minority since the 6th minute, and after losing the game they lost to Zenit (1: 0).


Akhmat also shows a more productive game, but the rivals then the team were different. So, the wards of Igor Ledyakhov lost at the exit to Rostov (1: 0), but at home they beat Yenisei (1: 0). However, the true strength of Grozny is incomprehensible, because in equal parts in the new season they played no more than half an hour in every match .On the twelfth, there will be a confrontation between the next round of the Premier League, in which Arsenal will receive Akhmat. The last game year was remembered by the victories of the Tula club - 1: 2 and 1: 0.

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"Gunners" started not in the best way, because it was possible to score 1 point in two rounds. Footballers Kononov took the world 0-0 with Dynamo, after rebounded 1-0 from Zenit. Despite the loss of points, the team looked pretty good.

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"Ahmat" scored two points more. At first the club defeated "Yenisei" 1: 0, and then with the same score bounced off from "Rostov". That's only to judge the state of the team early. After all, they managed to win when opponents were in the minority, and they lost when the situation was reversed.


Forecast for the match "Arsenal" - "Akhmat", TM2.5. Teams will try to hold a duel extremely carefully. And with the implementation of the owners have problems. Most likely, we will not see many goals.

In the third round of the RPL, the Tula Arsenal will meet the Ahmat team from Grozny in their field. Bookmakers in this pair of the obvious favorite do not see, considering that future rivals have about equal chances of success. But there are two factors in favor of the victory of Tula. Firstly, it is a factor of its field, and the "gunsmiths" are a very home team, and secondly, Oleg Kononov himself led Akhmat last season, since that time the composition of Grozny residents has not changed much, i.e. the head coach of Arsenal is well acquainted with the personnel potential of the opponent.


So long without victories

Arsenal have already played two official matches in the starting season, in the asset of the Tula team there is one point, won in a home match against the Moscow Dynamo. On tour number two, the "gunsmiths" went to visit Zenit, lost to Russia's richest team 0: 1, but overall, they looked good.

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There are three points

Ahmat managed to get hold of three points. First Caucasians in Rostov lost to local team 0: 1, and after, already in native walls still found a gap in the defense of the Krasnoyarsk Yenisei, scoring the opponent the only goal in the match. Before the upcoming match, Ahmat settled down on the 8th line in the peloton.



Both teams played two games in the RPL, i.e. for two turns four fights. In no match with the participation of future rivals was not recorded a bookmaker's top, the maximum was scored one ball in the game. Given these statistics, we can assume that the upcoming meeting will also not abound with a large number of effective actions, so the rate on TM is optimal. Our free forecast for this meeting: TM 2.5 1.41


On Sunday afternoon in one of the matches of the third round of the Russian Premier League will converge Tula Arsenal and Akhmat.


Last season, the "Gunners" won their both face-to-face meetings - 1: 2 and 1: 0. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?

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Coefficients PariMatch:


The victory of Arsenal is 2.65; Draw - 3.0; Akhmat's victory - 2.95


New season Tula Arsenal began extremely unsuccessfully, because earned only 1 point for 2 rounds. At first, Oleg Kononov's wards could not beat Moscow Dynamo (0: 0), although they played in the majority from the 6th minute, and after losing to Zenit (1: 0). However, in both cases, the "Gunners" showed a good game in the defense and no game at the final stage ...

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But Ahmat still shows more productive football, although they extracted only 3 points. The thing is that Igor Ledyakhov's wards were able to beat the Yenisei home (1: 0), but on the way out they lost to Rostov (1: 0). However, it is still difficult to judge the style of the Grozny players, because in the lost match they played in the minority more than half of the game, and in the won game - their rivals.


Bookmakers do not allocate any of the teams, which is quite fair. Tuljaki can not score yet, and Grozny residents do not understand what they are. In any case, both teams are unsuccessful, so that their full-time meeting will not be over scoring ...


Free forecast for the match Arsenal Tula - Akhmat: "Total is less than 2.5". Bookmaker office Pari-Match offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.49.

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Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the third round of the Russian Arsenal - Ahmat championship, which will be held at Arsenal stadium on Sunday, August 12, starting at 16:30 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers give preference to the home team. Arsenal started the championship with a goalless draw with Dynamo, and in the last round lost to Zenit on the road with a minimum score of 0: 1. For the last ten fights in the Premier League, he managed to win only three wins with the same number of draws and four defeats. In just two meetings on this stretch Arsenal played to zero, and in half of the fights he missed more than one ball. On their field, "Armory" play better than on the road: seven games without defeats and four wins with three draws. In five of the seven meetings, Arsenal scored at least two goals. And for the last 12 fights in his native walls in the Premier League, he lost only to Spartacus, having won seven wins and four draws. In seven matches on this segment of the Tula, did not miss a single goal.


Akhmat in the first round of the championship gave way to Rostov at a score of 0: 1, and then beat the Yenisei home with the same score. In both matches, the losing team finished the match with ten men. Given the previous season Grozny lost only one of the last eight matches in the championship, winning four victories. During this time they missed only two goals and in six games they did not miss at all. On the road before the defeat from Rostov, Akhmat did not lose four games in a row, winning twice and drawing in a draw.

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Last season, Arsenal won a match between Akhmad - 2: 1 away and 1: 0 at home. In general, in this confrontation equality: for eight meetings, each team won three wins and twice a draw was fixed. It is noteworthy that only one of the eight matches ended with the victory of the team that played on the road, and in five cases the home team won. Arsenal did not lose any of the four home games against Ahmad, winning twice and drawing in a draw, and conceding only one goal.



Analysts Site Bukmeker.rf predict the victory of Arsenal and put on its winnings with a zero handicap. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 5.50). Arsenal's 1: 0 victory (coefficient 6.00) is a little less high. The bets on the Arsenal win with a zero handicap are accepted with a coefficient of 1.91.



the victory of Arsenal - 2.57, a draw - 2.93, Akhmat's victory - 2.92



• for the last eight matches in the Premier League, Akhmat left his own goal six times intact;

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• not more than two goals scored in one of the last five matches of Ahmat in the Russian championship;


• in the last three matches of Arsenal in the Premier League, the performance was below three goals;


• Arsenal has not lost any of the last seven home games in the national championship.



Last season the team from Tula became the seventh, stopping in one point from the qualification zone of the Europa League. In the Russian Cup, Miodrag Bozovic's team then stopped the fight at the 1/16 finals.


As a result, Bozovic was replaced by Oleg Kononov, and Romanian Alexander Bourchanu, Argentinian Federico Rasic, Ilya Maximov and Igor Shevchenko left the team. And you can also remember Artem Dzyuba and others. The losses are extremely impressive.

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In the pre-season training, the Gunners held seven friendly games in which they won only one victory, four tied and two losses lost.


Season Tula began with very complex games - a zero draw at home with the Moscow "Dynamo", followed by a defeat at the exit of "Zenith" (0: 1). Closed game in the second case did not bring results.



Footballers "Ahmat" last season finished ninth in the standings. Also in the active team 1/16 finals of Cook Russia.


In the pre-season training "wolves" held seven friendly matches. Three of them they won and four lost. Of these, it is worth highlighting the victories over the English "Birmingham" and the Turkish "Bashakshehir" - 1: 0, as well as the defeat of the Czech Republic's champion "Victoria" with a score of 0: 4.


In the summer transfer window, the Chechen club bought Anderlecht midfielder Idriss Doumbia. Another Caucasian club took several players to rent.

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In the first round of RPL-2018/19 the Grozny team lost on the road to Rostov - 0: 1, acting in the minority from the 25th minute. In the second round, the first victory in the home game with the "Yenisei" - 1: 0, was scored by a brilliant long-range shot scored by Oleg Ivanov. In this case, the opponent spent the entire second half without a remote player.




Last season, "Arsenal" was able to beat out on the road Grozny residents with a score of 2: 1, after which to get more and home Victoria - 1: 0.

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The upcoming fight may resemble the battle of "buses", as there are two not the most productive teams. "Arsenal" so far has nothing to offer an opponent, but for Grozny just such a style. We offer to put on a total of less than 2 goals for 1.77.


"Arsenal" in the new season has not yet won, although he has already held two matches. Will Akhmat be able to stand in Tula? Our forecast will give an answer.


"Arsenal", until the last round, participated in the last season in the battle for the European Cup, scored for two rounds of the championship started just one point. In the first match Oleg Kononov's team had an excellent chance to earn a victory when the footballer of the Moscow "Dynamo" earned a removal in the opening of the meeting. However, to break through the defense of the opponent, the "Gunners" could not, ending the match with a goalless draw. In the second round, "Arsenal" lost to "Zenith" 0-1 away, going after that on the 14th line in the table.

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"Ahmat" in the first round, he was in Rostov and could not score points there. The game took place until the 25th minute in equal fight, but then Andrey Semenov, who received a red card, summed up the guests. Its numerical advantage, "Rostov" embodied the goal in the first half, and then brought the matter to the final victory. In the second round, the referees were supportive of "Akhmat" already, removing the defender of "Yenisei" Shamil Hasanov in the first half. Team Igor Ledyakhova scored a goal and kept the result in the end to the final whistle.

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Last season, "Arsenal" twice beat "Akhmat" with a total score of 3: 1

"Arsenal" does not lose in his field in the last seven matches in the Premier League - four wins and three draws

"Akhmat" never won in Tula from "Arsenal" - two draws and one defeat

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"Arsenal" was too cautious in the first match with the "Dynamo" and in the end, and could not score a goal to the opponent who spent the entire match in the minority. In the second match with "Zenith" to demand from today's "Arsenal" a beautiful game would be too naive, elementary they lacked for this class. However, today the opponent of the Tula team can not be called a grandee, roughly equal in strength to the opponent. In home matches with opponents of the level of "Akhmat" team Kononova need to take the maximum points, otherwise from the "basement" of the standings can be chosen for a long time.


In our opinion, the hosts today have more chances to win. The forecast is the Asian handicap (0) for Arsenal. In BC Marathon such an outcome is proposed with a coefficient of 1.90.

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