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It's time for the return matches of the starting stage of the Champions League qualification, in one of the events of the nearest Tuesday APOEL will come together against Suduva, which comes from Lithuania. The battle will take place in Cyprus in the city of Nicosia, so a responsible event was commissioned to host an arena called "GSP". Local fans will try to free the working day under the match, because their pets need support after the sad result of the first mast.


If someone said that the Cypriot team will not go to the next match on the eve of the reporting war, then this person would most likely be locked up in a psychiatric hospital. In the current realities, such a psycho can be considered a prophet. In the first match, which was held in Lithuania, the favorite lost with a score of 3: 1, and now to pass to the next stage you need to score at least two goals and do not miss. Let's see if it will work out such a difficult task.

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"Legend" in the first match played as a beginner, who would have thought that the team with such a colossal experience of performances in European competition will lose to the know. The guys on the relaxant came to a foreign country and were given the victory in small blood, but in the end they let out so much that even a hungry vampire could eat for an eternity. Three goals conceded were clearly not included in the plan of the head coach.


The Portuguese specialist with a demonic name Bruno Balthasar carefully prepared the wards for qualification. The club played three friendly sparring against Lechia, Dox and Arch Gdynia. The first two Cypriots were beaten, but stumbled on the third. The main advantage in the second leg will be the home arena, which is accustomed to host matches of the highest European echelon and will be unhappy if their pets can not squeeze into the Champions League.

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Lithuanians also have a significant advantage - their domestic championship is not on the summer break, the team is currently tempered in official battles in contrast to the opponent. Our today's heroes have already rolled back nineteen rounds on the domestic arena, in which they managed to collect forty-five points. Such figures deserve the first line in the standings.


In the first match of the selection Vladimir Cheburin's wards could create a real sensation. Few expected from the Kazakh coach that he could tactically replay an experienced rival. Now the hardest part is to come to Cyprus and defend the result. In the championship, the guys on the road play well, but in Lithuania, and close there is no such rival that the level could compete with the Cypriots.


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The hosts are motivated and angry, so that the unknown team takes their place in the championship league. The Cypriots will come to court with their native stands, which require an explanation for the vague first qualifying match. In such a situation, one should expect from a favorite of victory with a confident score.

The rate of IT APOEL is more than 2.0.

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The first duel of these clubs brought us a real sensation. APOEL unexpectedly lost to Suduwe with a score of 3: 1. Now the Cypriots have to play a handicap in two goals against a strong and militant opponent. In the first match it was noticeable that APOEL is not yet the best prepared physically, and this is the direct wine of Bruno Balthasar, the head coach of the club. Departure at this stage will be a failure for the Cypriots, because APOEL looks pretty good in terms of staffing and the prospects for a good season in European competition.


Coaching staff should work to improve the reliability of the protective line, as well as increase the effectiveness of the attack. Also note that in the match with Suduva, we saw several unexpected personnel decisions from the Portuguese coach: entering the field of Al-Taamari and De Vicenti, and the absence of Ephraim and Zaida, the potential leaders of the team.

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Souduva lost in everything: possession of the ball, the number of dangerous moments at the opponent's gate, the combinational game. But the Lithuanian team impressed everyone in the first match with their killer implementation of the attacks, and already by the 19th minute led in the score 3: 0, while only three times striking at the gate. The main thing is that Suduva won in terms of efficiency on the football field and obtained a rather comfortable advantage over the return meeting, which gives the right to hope for the passage to the next stage of the tournament.

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In the first match in the composition of Souduva, the weather on the field was made by Sicily. It was this talented striker who became the author of the hat-trick, and now the more affluent clubs, who want to strengthen their attacking line, will be put on it. Also, Suduva liked the speed of its transitions from defense to attack, which was an unpleasant surprise for the Cypriots.

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Favorite bookmakers book called APOEL, assessing the victory of the Cypriots in 1.19. The draw of the match is estimated at 8.20, and the success of Suduwa at 14.0. The balance in favor of APOEL was in the first match, but Suduva was able to surprise the entire football community with her victory. Total bets on the match have the following quotes from bookmakers: "total more than 2.5" for 1.70, "total less than 2.5" for 2.24. Odds on the APOEL pass for the next stage of the Champions League qualification are 1.76, and for the pass of Suduwa is 2.08.



There is no doubt that APOEL will fully own the initiative, as we saw the same picture in the first match between these clubs. If APOEL succeeds in increasing the effectiveness of its attacks, and there will be more of them, then the victory will be for the Cypriots and they will definitely be able to achieve the necessary advantage in two goals over their rival.


Bet: APOEL victory with a handicap (-1.5) – 1.65.

In a match rematch of the Champions League qualifier against one another will face Cypriot champions Apoel Nicosia and Lithuanian Suduva marijampolė.

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Apoell Nicosia has more experience than Sutuwa!

The first game played a week ago in Lithuania was a surprising result: 3-1 for Sudeva. The Cypriots scored their goals at the very end of the match. But it is precisely this goal that keeps their chances of being ranked ahead. For that, however, they will have to win at least 2 goals. In my opinion, they have a chance to achieve it.


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Over the last few years, they have dominated Cyprus. But they also broke through the UEFA tournaments. Including in the group stage of the Champions League where they left a bad impression. Although they were in a heavyweight team with Tottenham, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.


The team has great potential in attack. Especially as a host almost always scores 2-3 goals, even more. I guess this will be the situation in this match.

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Suduva is a good team for Lithuania. But in Europe it has not achieved much. It is precisely the greater experience on the continent's terrain that is in favor of Apoell in my opinion. And he will tilt the scales in their favor.

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Forecast for Apollo Nicosia - Sudeva

The Cypriots will start the match with attacks from the first minute. They just have no choice, they need goals. So it does not bother me if they will defeat the First Half / Final Exit.

The more risky element in my forecast is whether there will be at least 4 goals in the match. But I decided to risk.

In Nicosia, APOEL will be corrected for a failed match in Marijampolė and a total of 1-3 from Sūduva who would have been nuts before the match, given the difference in the box office and the experience between the teams.

In Marijampole, the hosts tried their best and in the first 20 minutes Sisili's efforts were sent to a good knock-down by his opponent, who had a bad mess in the defense. The team played the entire match in an organized manner and despite the pressure of the Cypriot club only in the end of the compensated time missed the head from Kazu. Goal certainly changed a lot in the confrontation, but the advantage of Lithuanians is that they are on the move, and the championship is in full swing, so that to the hot weather in Cyprus, as well as to the pressure of the local public, they must be mentally prepared.

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The Cypriots look very fragmented on the football field and Suduva easily at the beginning of the match in the center hacked the enemy's defense. Of course, APOEL had the advantage, but he could not get any dividends out of that and the goal in the end was of course helping them, but still it is necessary to win back the handicap in 2 balls. And the team has strong problems with the defense, which not only showed Suduva, but all rivals in the commodity. A strong bias in the attacking line gives room for maneuver to guests and, given that Nicosia will have to attack Lithuanians, they can competently build a game on counterattacks, so the physical form at the moment allows the class to take order.

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I think that at least Suduva will create problems for the Nicosia club and APOELA will have a difficult match, as in Marijampolė with the hacking of the defense of the Marijampole club. I do not see the hosts winning more than 2 goals, because I think that Lithuanians can easily arrange a small collapse for a more experienced European cupcamp. The physical form, the game on counterattacks and the game in the opponent's defense all saddle me to play from the underdog and take the main stakes a plus on Suduwu, and an alternative to the ITM favorite.


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