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The teams of Albania and Israel have never played at the European Championships, but the League of Nations provides them with an excellent opportunity to break into the continental championship.


Given the low ratings of both teams, they were in the third league in power League and in the group stage will play with Scotland. One of the three teams will go into the playoffs. There are only two stages, including the final, and the final victory will get to the European Championship.

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In the upcoming game Albania favorite - bookmakers estimate the probability of its victory just below 50%. Her last match was held in early June, when she lost with a large 1: 4 score to Ukraine. This was the second consecutive defeat of the Albanians and the third consecutive defeat of the team. For the last seven matches Albania won only one victory and lost five times. In four meetings on this segment, she did not score a single goal. It is worth noting that in 7 of 11 previous matches of Albania, more than two goals were scored.

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Israel has not played since March this year, when Romania lost with a score of 1: 2. And in that game, he scored first, but allowed the opponent to recoup, and then score the second goal. Over the last eight matches, Israel won only one victory and suffered six defeats. In half of the meetings he did not score a single goal. By the way, four of his eight fights on this stretch ended with a score of 1: 0.


The teams of Albania and Israel played with each other in the qualifying round of the World Championship in Russia and exchanged guest victories with the same score 3: 0. In the upcoming game specialists of the site Bookmakers.rp predict the victory of the home team, believing that the effectiveness will be quite high.



the victory of Albania - 2.22, the draw - 3.03, the victory of Israel - 3.52.

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the victory of Albania; total more than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 5.00). The second place in popularity is the victory of Albania 1: 0 (coefficient 5.50). Bets on total more than 2.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.69.

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"Mountain Eagles" performed in the last selection for the 2018 World Cup in the same group as Spain, Italy and the upcoming contender, as well as with Macedonia and Liechtenstein, where they took the third place with 13 points, but 10 points behind the second line.


The favorite of the Albanians lost in all four matches - the Spaniards (0: 2 and 0: 3), the Italians (0: 1 and 0: 2). Points they scored only with the teams, which eventually settled below them in the standings.


After completing the qualification, the red-blacks held four control matches. We started with a 3-2 victory over Turkey, but then lost three games in a row, losing to Norway (0: 1), Kosovo (0: 3) and Ukraine (1: 4) in turn.

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The Israelis in one qualifying group of the 2018 World Cup with the upcoming contender, ranked lower, earning 10 games in 12 games.


"White-blue" also did not make problems for the first two teams in the group, losing to them all four matches - Spain (0: 1 and 1: 4), Italy (1: 3 and 0: 1).

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The Israeli team held only one friendly match after qualifying, losing in their field Romania with a score of 1: 2.

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Teams only met twice in history. Both of these matches just happened to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, where opponents unexpectedly exchanged guest victories - 3-0 each.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give preference to the hosts: the victory of the Albanian team - 2.25, the victory of the Israeli team - 3.60, the draw - 3.00.

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Now Albania has many new and unplayed players, and without the experience of appearances for the national team - hence the unimportant results in recent games.


The Israelis also have their problems, but at the moment they have a more played lineup, and therefore, we believe that the guests will not lose.

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In Group 1 of the C Division of the League of Nations, in addition to Albania and Israel, there is also a Scottish team, an interesting trio, from which only Albanians have recently made their way to the final part of a major tournament. For all three, the League of Nations is of great importance, it is not worth talking about the high motivation of rivals.

Albania and Israel played in the same group in the last qualifying round for the World Cup, and ... exchanged away victories 3: 0, the Albanian team took revenge. Albania, the strongest players are collected in the defensive line, so it is not surprising that Panucci starts from the defense. In the selection of Albania was third, losing to Spain and Italy, but bypassing Israel, and in 2018 the Albanians did not conduct official matches, friendlies and only lost three, and twice devastating 0: 3 and 1 Kosovo: 4 Ukraine. Statistics, to put it mildly weak, but surely in official matches, Albanians will be more like themselves during the period of Euro-2016 than the last ones.

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Information on Israel is even less than in Albania, this team held only one control meeting with the Romanians in March 2018, lost with a score of 1: 2. Israel a bit surprised in the last selection, managed to win three times in five away games, losing only grandees. These statistics show that Israel knows how to play the second number, so the match for the Albanians will not be exactly simple.

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The match is not easy, the pair is equal, but I will make a choice in favor of the Balkans, who made the right conclusions after 0: 3 from Israel in the past qualifying round. At the same time, I do not expect a productive match.