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August 14 at 21:00 at the stadium "Olympic Stadium Spyros Luis" in the second match of the third round of the Champions League qualification, the Greek AEK will host the Scottish Septic.


AEK on the basis of the last championship of the Greek Super League with 70 points scored was placed on the 1st place in the standings. In the series of games of the Greek Cup AEK was close to victory, but in the decisive final match, "yellow-black" lost 0: 2 to PAOK players. During the pre-season training, "two-headed eagles" held 3 friendly matches, 2 played in a draw (0: 0) and 1 Greeks won.


Celtic finished the last season of Championships - the playoffs at the 1st place in the standings with 82 points earned. The Scottish season began with a victory in the FA Cup of Scotland with a score of 2: 0 at Motherwell. In the summer, the "Celts" held 5 friendly matches, in which there are 4 victories with 1 defeat. In the first round of the new season, Celtic Celtic defeated Livingstone with a score of 3: 1. As part of the Champions League qualification, the Scots have already had 2 rounds, Celtic has beaten Alashkert (Arm) 3: 0 and 3: 0 in the 1st round, Celts have played 3-1 with Rosenborg (Nor) in the 2nd round 0: 0.

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As a result of the first meeting of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League Celtic and AEK at the stadium "Celtic Park" were played with a score of 1: 1. After the guest draw, now the Greeks are the favorites of the pair, the Hellenic home should not lose. Bet: AEK does not lose - 1X.


Forecast: 1X with a coefficient of 1.5

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On Tuesday, Athens will host one of the Champions League qualifying matches - the local AEK will host the Scottish Celtic.


Their first meeting unexpectedly ended in a draw (1: 1), so all the most interesting is waiting for us in the return meeting ...

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AEK miraculously kept a draw in the first match, because in the 57th minute the team also remained in the minority. However, the wards of Marinosa Uzunidis managed to keep the score they needed, although the rival's pressure was unbelievable. Well, it should be noted that the "two-headed eagles" were preparing for the second leg of the match ...


But Celtic dominated the whole match, but failed to win. All the attempts of the "Celts" were brought to nothing, although there were many of them, and they were extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, at the start of the new season, Brendan Rogers wards do not look confident on the defensive, and with the effectiveness already there were problems ...


On the eve of the fight bookmakers do not distinguish the favorite at all, but is this reasonable? Yes, it is easier to play at home, but the level of teams still varies. Most likely, the "Celts" and in the second match will lead the meeting, so it's worth it to bet on them.

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Free forecast for the AEK-Celtic match: "Celtic win or draw". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.47.

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Greek champion, AEK from Athens, next Tuesday in the second leg matches in the third round of the Champions League qualification in his field will take the Scottish Celtic. The first match of this confrontation took place a week ago on Celtic Park, brought an effective draw 1: 1, which completely arranged the Greeks. In the upcoming game bookmakers favorite do not distinguish, considering that the opponents have about equal chances of success.


Through friendly matches


AEK to the qualification of the Champions League was preparing, playing friendly matches, because the championship of Greece has not yet started. Fixed a draw with Atromitos, defeat from Médz, victory 3: 2 over Galatasaray. It must be said that AEK the last Greek championship won mainly due to the excellent game of its defense, so it is certain that in the forthcoming game the coaching staff of AEK will make a bet on defense.

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Two matches


And the championship of Scotland has already started, Celtic in the national championship played two fights, first won from Livingston 3: 1, and then lost at home Hearts. Rogers on a duel against the "hearts" put far not the main line-up, picked up the leaders for the return match against the Greeks. For the "Celts" the confrontation with AEK is the third in the qualification of the Champions League, before that, the guys from Glasgow were knocked out of the net Alashkert and Rosenborg.




Celtic at home could not score AEKA more than one ball, it is very likely that on the road "white-green" too high performance can not boast. AJC defends well, especially in home games. In addition, the hosts in this fight will completely satisfy the zero draw. Our free forecast for this meeting: TM 2.5 - 1.57In one of the return semifinal matches qualification of the Champions League will play Greek AEK and Scottish Celtic. In the first meeting, the teams exchanged goals scored - 1: 1. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents and break into the decisive stage of selection?


AEK in the preparation for the current season played 3 test matches. In these meetings, "two-headed eagles" won one victory and painted two worlds. In the first duel with the "Scots" wards Marinosa Uzunidisa acted second number, but to score a scored goal still managed.

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Celtic, in turn, has already defeated 2 rounds. In these rounds of qualification of the European championship the Brendan Rogers collective passed the Armenian Alaskert (0: 6) and the Norwegian Rosenborg (1: 3). It should also be noted that over the weekend, the guests in the second round of the Scottish Championship lost with a minimum score of 1: 0 lost to the club Hearts.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the winning teams give about equal odds. However, the "Greeks" in the home meeting should add, so it will be reasonable to put on their victory with a small handicap.

We propose to bet on the outcome of "AEK victory with a handicap (0)" for a high coefficient of 1.97

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On Tuesday, there will be a confrontation of the next qualifying round of the Champions League, in which AEK will try to give battle to Celtic. It is interesting that in their first game the winner did not come out - 1: 1. Who will go on? We'll figure out.


"Two-headed eagles" could save the match and pull a draw. Football players Uzunidisa kept opponents and got the desired result. We can not ignore the fact that the team was preparing for the return match all week.


"Celts" immediately seized the initiative, that's only with the implementation of absolutely no luck. Rogers's squad has long experienced difficulties with the implementation, and the rival was only able to smash with complete dominance on the field.

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Forecast for the match "AEK" - "Celtic", X2. Quite a different level of the opponent, so the home club is not considered a favorite. Thus, it is worth betting that the Scots will not yield.


On Tuesday at the stadium "Spyros Luis" the local AEK will receive guests from far-off Scotland.

"Two-headed eagles" should be satisfied with the result of the away match, because in the Foggy Albion everyone is not easy to play. And, of course, do not forget that the Greeks spent more than half an hour in the minority after the removal of Constantinos Galanopulas, although about the correctness of the second yellow card, I had doubts, obviously the midfielder of the guests did not touch his opponent.

Celtic in his native stadium was, as always, active and persistent. The team attacked a lot, getting a numerical advantage, even more inflated the pace, but I would not say that the eye-eyed team was out of luck, they missed a lot of points. No, the AEK was very compact defensively, and to wrest victory from the hosts had very few chances. Also, I note that the "white-green" is not as often as we used to use flanks and riding gears, in the air "eagles" to the Scots almost in no way inferior.

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In this pair, bookmakers believe that both teams have about equal chances of winning, with which I disagree a little. Firstly, we do not forget that the majority of British bands are very dependent on performances in their arenas, and on the continent they often experience difficulties and often lose. The same Celtic year ago, on the way out, he lost to Astana, before Lincoln and Hapoel from Beer Sheva. There have been many such failures in the history of the Scottish grandee. Also, I note that the Greeks before the removal of a very good counterattack, and each of their approach to the enemy's gates was fraught with a certain danger. Now the "eagles" are in a better position, they do not need to go forward, and they are able to defend themselves, as the meeting of a week ago showed. So I'm waiting for a similar scenario in Athens, where the guests will be pushed, and the hosts wait for their chance in quick breaks. This time I will propose to put on AEK through the bottom. In this scenario, the wards of Marinosa Ozunidis will have more opportunities to enter the next round.

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