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In Samara, the match will be the first round of the Russian Premier League, which will meet the newcomer elite division and the current holder of the Super Cup of the country.


Wings had one season to return to the strongest cohort. In FNL, they confidently took the first place, and are now ready to fight with the best clubs in Russia. By the will of Andrei Tikhonov's wards will have to start against a stable participant of the Champions League, so expecting a positive outcome of the match will not be easy.


Last Friday, the Moscow army team enlarged its club museum with a new trophy - the Russian Super Cup. This significantly increased the mood of the wards Goncharenka. In the new season, they expect to compete for the gold medals of the championship and perform well in European competition. To do this, they need to defeat the rivals of the novice level of the elite.


Last time the Wings of the Soviets celebrated the victory over CSKA Moscow in their field back in 2007, after which they conceded eight times in a row. This time, the tradition should be preserved, since the level of teams is not comparable. CSKA will not be able to win the fight unless the fatigue after the supercup match.

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Closing the first round of the Premier League will be a match between the "Wings of the Soviets" and "CSKA." The extreme confrontation between the teams was a meeting in the season 2016/17, and then the Moscow team was more successful - 1: 2 and 2: 1.


"Wings" won the second place of the FNL, that's why they got a place in the championship of the country. In the course of the summer, the club tried to gain reinforcement, but nothing really went wrong. Football players Tikhonov had several comradely fights, but looked weak.


"CSKA" also won the second place, but already in the Premier League. In summer, the club left many key players, so the team is waiting for the restructuring. Druzhina Goncharenko took part in sparring, but nothing good this is not over. But in a recent game with "Locomotive", they managed to win the Super Cup of the country.


Forecast for the match "Wings of the Soviets" - "CSKA", P2. Despite the fact that the "army" is now a problem, they are the favorites. The fact is that the hosts are far from the optimal condition, and are unlikely to be able to give battle to a more eminent rival

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In the final match of the first round of the Russian Premier League will play the Samara Wings of the Soviets and the Moscow CSKA. In both meetings of last season's teams, the victory was won by "army men". I wonder if the hosts will be able to impose an opponent on the upcoming game?


Last season the Wings of the Soviets took the 2nd line of the FNL tournament table and directly made their way to the top Russian division. After leaving the vacation, the hosts held 5 friendly matches. In these confrontations Andrei Tikhonov's wards suffered three defeats, playing in a draw and winning once.


CSKA, in turn, in preparation for the season played 5 control matches, in which won one victory. It is also worth noting that last Friday the "army team" won the Russian Super Cup. In the final standoff Goncharenko wards in extra time managed to squeeze Moscow Lokomotiv - 0: 1.


Favorite in the upcoming fight is CSKA, although the bookmakers give him a very high ratio. However, now both teams are just gaining obors and smoothly entering the season, so do not expect a lot of goals from them.

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We propose to bet on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for a high coefficient of 1.65


Last season, the Wings of the Soviets took the silver of the FNL, losing only to Orenburg. In the summer, however, the "wings" tried to increase, but especially they did not succeed. Here and in sparring Andrey Tikhonov's wards have shown themselves not in the best way, skipping too much and constantly ...


But CSKA Moscow in the past season became vice-champion of Russia, and then miraculously outscored Spartak. In the summer, the "army team" began direct restructuring, because the defense leaders went on a well-deserved rest, and in other places there are changes. In sparring same wards Goncharenko showed themselves not in the best way. Well, do not forget that on Friday the Muscovites took part in the match for the Russian Super Cup, where in overtime they beat Lokomotiv - 1: 0.

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Bookmakers are more inclined to win CSKA Moscow, which is quite fair. Yes, the "army" is not all so smooth, but the "wings" and even worse. In addition, the guests have already felt the taste of the game, so they will be more ready. That's why I'm just offering to put on favorites.


Free forecast for the match Wings of the Soviets - CSKA Moscow: "Victory of CSKA." William Hill bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.75.


The Council of Soviets

"Wings of the Soviets" last season could not win in the FNL, but the second place to the team of Andrei Tikhonov was enough to enter the Premier League directly. The gap with the first "Orenburg" was two points, the third "Yenisei" did not get the Tikhonov team for just one point. In the offseason, "Wings of the Soviets" conducted a series of serious sparring, rivals of the Samara club were "Sparta Praha", Viennese "Rapid", German "Heidenheim". Special successes "Wings of the Soviets" in these games did not have, but this is not so important.

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The main strengthening of the "Wings of the Soviets" can be called the acquisition of Maxim Kanunnikov, who certainly expects to shoot in the Premier League. Also it is possible to note transfers of Nikita Chicherin from "Yenisei", Vladimir Poluyakhtov from "Anji". In general, Tikhonov's team got quite efficient, Andrei Valerevich himself stated about it - in his opinion, "Wings of the Soviets" should set the most ambitious tasks in the championship.


CSKA Moscow

CSKA started the season with a victory in the Russian Super Cup. Duel with the "Locomotive" was expected very difficult for the "army", in fact, it happened. For 90 minutes, the initiative passed from hand to hand, but failed to score a goal. In extra time, CSKA got its chance, which was realized by Khetag Hosonov, who replaced Kirill Nababkin in the 67th minute. As a result, this goal was decisive, CSKA won the Super Bowl and certainly was pleased with the content of the game.


Last season, the "army team" on the courage went around "Spartacus" in the table, taking the second place overall. The second line allows CSKA to avoid exhausting qualification and get immediately to the group stage of the Champions League. In the off-season, the team of Viktor Goncharenko released Alexander Golovin in the "Monaco", this transfer was the most expensive in the history of "army." Also left the team and the Brazilian Vitinho, who could not open in Moscow.

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The last time the teams met in the Premier League in the season 2016-17, then both games won CSKA Moscow with the same score 2: 1

The last time CSKA lost in the opening match of the championship in 2001 - defeat of "Chernomorets" 0: 2

"Wings of the Soviets" did not win in the last four games - three defeats and a draw

The last eight face-to-face meetings between the teams in Samara invariably ended with the victory of CSKA

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"Wings of the Soviets" performed well in the FNL, moreover, Tikhonov was preparing the team for the Premier League through fights with very serious rivals. For sure, the coach of the Samara club is set to immediately achieve success in the elite, and not to vegetate at the bottom of the table. "CSKA" prepared for the championship without most of the players of the base, who got rest after the World Cup. Reorganization in the team of Goncharenko will necessarily affect the results of the team, such things do not pass never painlessly. If the "Wings of the Soviets" play in their football, it will be extremely difficult to take three points from CSKA.

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We believe that the first match in the Premier League, the hosts will not lose. Forecast - victory of the "Wings of the Soviets" or a draw. In 1xStack such an outcome is estimated by the coefficient 1.67.

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